Bader Al Khuraif Audio Interview

Bader ALKhuraif is a Kuwaiti Musician born on the 10th of Oct. We have done an interview with him on the 7th of October 2018. Bader has started playing nay by coincidence after trying to play piano and violin, he realized that he wanted something special and that’s how he found the Nay. He traveled outside to learn, after that he wants to make the nay by himself so he has traveled to Turkey and Tunisia because they have the best wood and it has to be on a big farm. Harvesting the crops starts from September to November and if the wood is not immature they keep it for at least 3 to 10 years to make it strong. The wood is covered by protection layers, then they applied it by heat for the sound after this he started drilling and this how they create the Nay.

Bader has told us about his dream, he wants to be the first one who has a wood farm for nay and the first one to create it in the middle east.

He was very helpful to work with and also he was kind enough that he came to our college to do the interview.I’m thankful that I have worked with someone like him.

And he also made me try to play the Nay because I was so interested to learn about it…

Bader Instagram Account : Ney.q8

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