Husain Makki Al Juma Center for Specialised surgery.

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I have chosen to visit the center to show people the other side of the world, the painful and unhappy side. Their stories have never been heard before, they have been left by their own families and friends. I thought when I got to the hospital that I’m going to be happy that I’m going to help them and make them feel happy, But I was completely wrong. I have everything that I ever wanted but I always ask for more, they asked for nothing but health. I felt horrible, for a moment The world has become gray like how it’s on a rainy day. My cousin has passed away on the same day due to cancer. He has a story like them but at least he was surrounded by family. I hope he was happy, God bless his soul Abdulaziz and may he finally rest in peace.

These photos were taken by me. Dalal AlSaied

On Saturday,20 October me and Wgtb7r team went on a visit to Husain Makki Al Juma Center Specialized Surgery to meet the people who have cancer, Trying to chew them up and make them feel better so we brought flowers, chocolate, gifts, and balloons.
I have tried to understand what kind of service they give and read about the disease they have so I won’t say anything that would hurt them.
When I was waking in the hole I have met this girl who has just end chemotherapy she was throwing up, skinny and pale. I couldn’t ask her name because she was tired.
This nurse was writing our names, us who have been in Ward-4 to visit the patients lp her when she couldn’t help herself. The toilet was busy and she felt I didn’t know angry or sad or maybe both.
Sara was kind. She came with us to the hospital, she was willing to help and the patient flowers. after giving an old lady some flower she looked up started crying. I don’t blame her but she has seen was painful, she saw something that she has never seen before, she probably didn’t even know it existed

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