Final Project

Final  Project Promo

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Our final project has been focused on youth and the future of kuwait by creating a photostory and viedo story. So we have made a photostory and audio story for Elaf Alasnsari and Wajah Art. And for the video story we have filmed people who has a talent or business like Amna Alamari, Faisal Algareeb and Shahad AlAnazi.

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Shahad Alanazi has made a game (Bo tamba) when she joined Injaz Kuwait they gave her the opportunity to create her game bo tamba and she has definitely success.

Elaf Alansari is a kuwaiti artist.

Fisal Algareeb is the owner of street warrior Academy.

Amna Alamare she has business.

In this project we have trying to tell stories we have never hear before and we hope that we make it.

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