About Me

First of all welcome to Dalal AlSaied blog…

I’m 25 years old female has a BA in PR & Advertising from the University of Kuwait.

Over the past 5 years, I was looking for a major that has more creation. After high school, I have joined the College of Science (majored In math) but I didn’t feel it was the major I want so I have transferred to another college. I know nothing about the media in my first class in college. I have cried because I have never taken classes out of science but with time everything has changed. Moreover, studying media has become the most important part of my life because of the professors with whom I studied. They made me feel like media is the most incredible major in earth and I become more interested in the media campaigns.

In addition to my work experience, I have worked as a photographer, videographer, media planning, reporter, assistant editor, and media campaign. I have worked with Kuwait News Agency for a couple of months as an editor and Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries as a markter . Moreover, I have worked in Alia Hospital as a head of marketing. now I am a producer and designer at the Ministry of Information and Kuwait National Station. Also, I have given a public speech for school students many times, Interviews, published many articles and reports. I have done a Corporate Social Responsibility while I was studying. My work experience has given me the courage to present my self very well thought work interviews.

With time I become more interested in digital media,Media advs&marketing while a was studying at the university such as adobe programs, edit, and design. I have designed a website by photoshop and published all my work in. At the same time, I have done many campaigns with professor Mohammed AlBuloushim. He has taught me how to write, research, analysis, edit and plan a budget. Also, professor Eisa Alnashmi taught me how to make a photo story, audio story, and web design. They have worked on my personality to be better, strong and give more to the world through the knowledge I have.

Moreover, studying media has shown me that everything depends on the media nowadays. Media has been became the fourth world power starting from traditional media to the new media and social media. It has a lot of future dimensions to change the way of communication between cultures, visuals, masses, devices and personal communications. It can be to the best or worst it depends on the education and personality of the presenter so, we should inspire people using digital media.

I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve like being a CEO one day and getting a Ph.D. in Digital media. I also want to visit Macau, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Bora Bora, and so many more.

When I was younger, I was a runner but not anymore, I’d love to run again if I ever had the opportunity. Meanwhile, instead of running I enjoy playing tennis, hiking, cycling, kayaking, and climbing.