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بعد مناقشه دكتور عيسى حول المشروع النهائي تم تغيير مسار المشروع بشكل كامل حيث تم التركيز علي تميه الشباب من ناحيه الافراد  اشخاص عاديين اتجهو لعده مجالات منهم من لقي دعم ومنهم لا، وتمالتركيز علي تنميه الشباب من عده نواحي (الرياضة، الفن،  التطوع،ورياده الاعمال) اظهرنا جوانب لم تلاحظ من قبل في الشباب منهم من حصل على جوائز ومنهم من نما في الشباب الاخرين حيث الشباب هم الركيزه الاساسيه لاي مجتمع لهذا السبب لم نركز وتم استقصاء الجمعيات التي تقدم فرض للشاب لان لهم نمط واحد في العرض فقط.

(الاسماء التي تم وضعها:(ايلاف الانصاري، فيصل عادل الغريب،في الفهد،امنه العماري،شهد العنزي،شهد المطيري فريق وقطه بحر 




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Doh!is a local new brand has been in kuwait since 2017, they are selling dounts and coffees.

 It is a popup donut truck. They were poping up in three different places in Kuwait. They are selling donuts with many different flavors and options to choose from. Such as “kinder Munchkins”which i love the most. You can also order it through carriage application, or visit their store.

Openning hours:

Shop: 12:00pm – 9:00pm


Photos Taken By Dalal AlSaied

Photo Stories


This photo has a movement, colors, and animal as you can see the Pisces.

This photo has been taken by Michaela Skovranova.

She wrote about why she toke this photo  (These beautiful creatures are now traveling along coasts of Australia. During mating season swimmers and divers can often hear the male Humpback whales sing their love songs underwater. Humpback whales known to produce a series of repetitious sounds at varying frequencies known as whale song – it is believed that the purpose of the song is to attract a mate. 
The male will repeat the same song, over and over again with one song lasting up to 30 minutes. These unique sounds can travel kilometers underwater.)




This one has been taken by Stephen Alvarez, as you can see there is a man over there looking at the river also there is colors, Movement and lines.

Stephen said (A single headlamp lights the mist at the bottom of Skogafoss in Southern Iceland at 68 meters tall Skogafoss is by no means the largest waterfall on the island but it is among the most beautiful. Typically it is surrounded by throngs of visitors but at 11 o’clock at night I had the place to myself. For more images from my travels to #Iceland )

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